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About Us

Garden Route Horse Trails offer remarkable horse riding trails into the stunning indigenous forest of the Garden Route National Park where you can experience occasional sightings of local wildlife on horseback. Rides are suitable for  children as young as 6 and riding experience is not necessary. Our horses are well trained, safe, reliable and have between 3 and 7 years experience on the trails. Some of our horses love the water and swimming, so we also offer the opportunity where you can swim with the horses (dam level permitting), after a ride. Please note that bookings are essential.

Our horses and rides are suited to the individual depending on experience.

For the beginner the emphasis is on a safe, relaxed and enjoyable ride on well trained horses. The experienced rider can choose a more “spirited horse” for a lively, exhilarating ride.

Before leaving, all the inexperienced riders will have the basic horse commands explained to them. Trained trail guides will be close to them throughout the ride.

All levels of riding experience are welcome;

Please note that you will be paired with horses and other riders according to your selected riding experience – do not overestimate your riding experience – it is for your own safety and to ensure a satisfying ride for all participants.

Determining your riding experience when booking:

Beginners: You have never ridden a horse, only want to walk and maybe attempt to trot, have only seen horses on TV or watched some western movies and you may have ridden but “a very long time ago” or ” I rode when I was younger” and have trotted = BEGINNER (You will only Walk and maybe Trot.)

Intermediate: You have recently had horse riding lessons and can trot and canter safely. You can control a horse on your own and need no assistance. (E.g. Dressage Riders) = INTERMEDIATE (You will walk, trot and canter)

Experienced: Riders who are fully able to canter, gallop and stop safely from gallop, you can ride saddled or bareback, usually own and take care of your own horse(s) and do frequent outrides (that means riding outside fences or arena’s) -You will canter and gallop.

Advanced: Competitive riders (E.g. Endurance, Cross Country, Polo and Showjumping @1.5m+)  Join us for exciting gallops through the forest and surrounds.

P.S. Our horses really don’t care what you know but they will know when you care.

Wish you could visit, but don’t know where you are going to stay?

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