Important Info

Determining your riding experience when booking:

Beginners: You have never ridden a horse, only want to walk and maybe attempt to trot, have only seen horses on TV or watched some western movies and you may have ridden but “a very long time ago” or ” I rode when I was younger” and have trotted = BEGINNER (You will only Walk and maybe Trot.)

Intermediate: You have recently had horse riding lessons and can trot and canter safely. You can control a horse on your own and need no assistance. (E.g. Dressage Riders) = INTERMEDIATE (You will walk, trot and canter)

Experienced: Riders who are fully able to canter, gallop and stop safely from gallop, you can ride saddled or bareback, usually own and take care of your own horse(s) and do frequent outrides (that means riding outside fences or arena’s) -You will canter and gallop.

Advanced: Competitive riders (E.g. Endurance, Cross Country, Polo and Showjumping @1.5m+)  Join us for exciting gallops on the farm and surrounds.

P.S. Our horses really don’t care what you know but they will know when you care.

Please note that reception is AT THE STABLES , refrain from entering any other areas unattended or unaccompanied by the owner or guides. We have many baboons, sheep, ostriches and cows on the farm, which the horses believe are the most dangerous animals in the world, you should to. We suggest leaving exploring to the horses.

  • Please save the dramatic outbursts when stepping in horse poop, it is not fatal, this is a scientific fact.
  • Unattended children will be sold for hay.
  • Horses have right of way – they weigh 600kg+ , you don’t,  mind your toes.
  • The guide and owner is always right, listen to them – period. – This is for your own safety.
  • If the horse’s ears are pinned back, they might have a problem with you. Don’t try to change their mind, they rarely do.
  • If you opened a gate, close it behind you, training can be provided on request.
  • Helmets are compulsory, your hair isn’t that nice anyway.
  • No, we do not have unicorns, though there are some that act like they are.
  • Some horses will lick and sniff – deal with it.
  • Cars are for poor people – horses rule.
  • No, we do not eat horse meat.
  • If you run, the horses will run, then I have to run, I don’t like running.
  • If you have never ridden, it’s OK, we have horses that have never been ridden.
  • Please sit on the horse with your head towards the sky and your feet towards the ground (If unsure, ask, we will show you)
  • If you kick the horse, the horse will kick you, if you bite the horse, the horse will bite you. If you hurt the horse I will kick you, bite you and hurt you.
  • There are tigers and lions on the farm each year Feb 30th.
  • Please breathe while on the horse, we are going horse riding not snorkeling, if you don’t breathe the horse doesn’t breathe and turns blue, I don’t like blue horses.
  • Don’t get off the horse while it is running
  • Don’t get on the horse while it is running.
  • No falling off a horse without permission – it upsets the horses and therapy is expensive. (Authorization from owner can take up to 48hrs)
  • The horses really don’t care what you know, but they will know when you care.
  • We offer English, Western and “Stay-On” style of riding.

Please Note: We are bumped, stepped on, yanked, bucked off, kicked, bitten, run over and dragged by other 600kg + untrained horses on the farm frequently, we own pitchforks and haul 200kg horse feed easily, You, will not be a problem.

Tip the guide – he could have left you on your own on Feb 30th.

Thanks and see you soon,