Rates and Info (E&OE)

  • We are open 7 Days a week 08:00AM to 17:00PM
  • (Prices Exclude Gratuity / Tip)
  • E & OE                                                                         

90 min Trails @ ZAR300-00 pp

Option 1- The Farm Ride:

The farm ride is a comfortable ride for both experienced and novice riders of all ages. It runs through a beautiful hidden blue gum forest and follows the road into the farm between the sheep/cattle or ostrich camps. The roads are mostly farm roads with very little obstacles and steep slopes, so trot, canter and even a gallop, for experienced riders, is definitely possible.

Option 2 -The Bush Whacker:

This is a trail for slightly more gutsy and experienced riders. This beautiful trail is a natural obstacle course in and around a riverbed in a blackwood forest. With multiple ups and downs and a couple of obstacles on the road, it’s definitely a lot of fun. We ride at our slowest riders pace but a trot, canter or gallop is almost guaranteed on this beautiful route. 

2 Hour Farm and Mountain Trail @ ZAR 400-00pp

A great ride for all riders of all ages. It follows both singular tracks and large roads into the farm, through camps and below the mountains; with sightings of the farm animals and even the occasional baboon or bushbuck on the road. Depending on riders experience there’s lots of space to do slow and easy trots, canters and even an exhilarating gallop with your trusty steeds. A must do for any guest that want’s to have a bit more fun on horseback.

1 Hour Cart Trail @ZAR 100-00pp

Our cart rides sets us apart from many trail companies in the area. With large weight carrier horses we can even take guests that are not quite ready to sit on horseback, on a unique drive through the farm with one of our comfortable horse carts. We can take up to 4 people per cart. Sit back, relax and enjoy the farm life only Louvain has to offer. Definitely a must for all families!

Special Occasion and Private Rides @ZAR500-00 pp

(48hr Advance booking essential).

This 3 hour ride on either horseback or cart takes you into the peaceful farm to a romantic dam underneath the majestic Outeniqua mountain. Here you and your partner can enjoy a special picnic while taking in the beautiful scenery the Langkloof valley has to offer. You can enjoy refreshments and snacks provided by us e.g. chocolates, sparkling wine, and or juice with fresh strawberries and cream (subject to availability) or you can bring your own picnic basket for all to enjoy. 

Coming soon

Overnight Trail From-One-Farm-To-The-Other

(More on this trail as soon as we are done with our trials and finer route planning)

What to wear:

  • We have found that the most comfy gear to wear is jeans but any other long trousers or breeches will do.
  • Shorts are not recommended as the saddles might chafe your thighs on the longer rides.
  • Please make sure you wear closed shoes, boots or sneakers. No flip flops, high heels or bare feet.
  • If it looks like it may rain/drizzle bring a raincoat or a warm jacket along. (We do have 4 seasons in 1 day – be prepared)
  • Refrain from wearing jewelry or other valuables unless they fit securely as they might get lost during the ride.

What to bring:

  • Yourself
  • A few friends
  • Sunscreen – no hats or caps, we provide helmets.
  • Swimwear (under your clothing – there are no changing rooms during the ride – unless a big shrub will do)
  • Gratuity (tip) for the guide
  • An adventurous heart
  • Refrain from bringing big bulky cameras and loose bags as you have to control the horse throughout the ride.
  •  Cellphones and action camera’s are permitted but this is entirely at your own risk.
  • Secure fitting backpacks are recommended to store valuables and other items during the ride.

Amenities  Available

  • Restrooms: (Public Toilet) Although Restrooms are available on the farm please plan ahead, other riders are waiting because of you, not for you.
  • Refreshments: (cold drinks, bottled water and soda’s) are sold at the farm (subject to availability)
  • There are NO restrooms (toilets) on the route, in an emergency please ask the guide to show you the closest tree or shrub – (this is why other riders have to bring an action camera:)
  • Parking: The parking is safe and secure, close to the stables on the farm.


Other Important Info 

Please note that reception is AT THE STABLES , refrain from entering any other areas unattended or unaccompanied by the owner or guides, there are 4 or 5 (not entirely sure as 1 is always missing) Guard Dogs on duty behind secure fencing WITH clearly marked warnings, if you encounter them by not abiding to above or entering unauthorized areas, lay flat on the ground until help arrives, if no help arrives, GOOD LUCK, you have been warned.

  • Please save the dramatic outbursts when stepping in horse poop, it is not fatal, this is a scientific fact.
  • Unattended children will be sold for hay.
  • Horses have right of way – they weigh 600kg+ , you don’t,  mind your toes.
  • The guide and owner is always right, listen to them – period. – This is for your own safety.
  • Leave Beauty (The Black Alpha Lead Horse) alone, he has enough friends, he will not like you.
  • If you opened a gate, close it behind you, training can be provided on request.
  • Helmets are compulsory, your hair isn’t that nice anyway.
  • No, we do not have unicorns.
  • Some horses will lick and sniff – deal with it.
  • Cats are for poor people – horse rule.
  • No, we do not eat horse meat.
  • If you run, the horses will run, then I have to run, I don’t like running.
  • If you have never ridden, it’s OK, we have horses that have never been ridden.
  • Please sit on the horse with your head towards the sky and your feet towards the ground (If unsure, ask, we will show you)
  • If you kick the horse, the horse will kick you, if you bite the horse, the horse will bite you. If you hurt the horse I will kick you, bite you and hurt you.
  • There are tigers on the farm each year Feb 30th.
  • Please breathe while on the horse, we are going horse riding not snorkeling, if you don’t breathe the horse doesn’t breathe and turns blue, I don’t like blue horses.
  • Don’t get off the horse while it is running
  • Don’t get on the horse while it is running.
  • No falling off a horse without permission – it upsets the horses and therapy is expensive. (Authorization from owner can take up to 48hrs)
  • The horses really don’t care what you know, but they will know when you care.
  • We offer English, Western and “Stay-On” style of riding.
  • The 6 x guard dogs are on duty 3 days a week – you choose which 3.

Please Note: We are bumped, stepped on, yanked, bucked off, kicked, bitten, run over and dragged by other 600kg + untrained horses on the farm frequently, we own pitchforks and haul 200kg horse feed easily, You, will not be a problem.

Tip the guide – he could have left you on your own on Feb 30th.

Thanks and see you soon,